Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The de Broglie-Bohm Pilot Wave Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

Jim talks to Randy about the pilot wave interpretation of quantum mechanics, which separates the particle and wave behavior of a non-relativistic quantum particle into that of a particle moving in and exciting a quantum mechanical medium.


Also check out our PhysicsFM episode Quantum Cats, which talks about various interpretations of quantum mechanics in light of Schrodinger's Cat.

David Bohm's Quantum Mechanics. I don't think he talks about this anywhere in it.

A Veritasium video on pilot wave dynamics, the "oil droplets" that we're talking about in the podcast, which shows the physical analogy at the heart of David Bohm's interpretation. This came out after we recorded the episode and before I started editing it.

PhysicsFM, our main podcast.

Check out Quantum Cats in particular, which discusses the need for an interpretation of quantum mechnics.

Also, we discussed Quantum Metaphysics as preparation for PhysicsFM9, which goes into even more detail about this. Our subreddit. Annoy us there.