Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Suggested Shows for Physics Frontiers

This post is a list of topics Randy and I have discussed, and is intended to be kept up to date in what should be an easily found spot so that I don't lose any more lists of possible show topics.

Please feel free to comment about topics you'd like to see discussed, especially if you have a reference for them.  Priority goes to references in refereed publications.

Also please feel free to suggest ways to narrow down or split the topics; many of these are too broad, especially when following a show format focuses on discussing one or two scientific papers.

Before suggesting a topic, make sure that we haven't already discussed it in the index. But, if there's something from the show that you'd like to hear more about, we're also willing to revisit topics, similar topics, and aspects of topics.

Possible topics:


Ghosts 1
Galileon 1
de Sitter Unvierse
Chameleon Fields 1 2
Bimetric Theories of Gravity
The Parameterized Post-Newtonian Framework
Post-Post-Newtonian Physics
Black Holes and Hawking Radiation
Mass, Gravitational Binding Energy, and Nuclear Mass Defect
massive gravity 1
Cosmological Constant 1
Gravitational Waves
More Experimental Evidence in Gravitation – Hafele Keating Exp., Precession of Perihelion of Mercury, Deflection of Starlight, time dilation, gravitational waves, frame dragging, etc (don't think we did enough on this one; some topics need more elaboration) Tests of Lorentz Invariance 1 2
Gravity Probe B and Gravitomagnetism 1 
Dark Energy Survey results 1
Unruh's Law
Bekenstein's Law
Bekenstein's Bound
Dark Matter 1
Inhomogeneous Cosmology 1
k-moufage 1 2
Unruh Effect

Quantum Mechanics

Consistent Histories Interpretation  (Griffiths, Omnes)
Multiple Worlds 1
Process Quantum Theory (David Finkelstein)
Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations and Wavefunction Collapse (still a thing?)
Rosenfeld Universe
Wheeler-Feynman Absorber Theory
Higgs Stuff
Wigner function and Weyl transforms –  transition from QM to classical
Double slit experiments with superconductors
Standard Model: What's Next? 1  (The squarkless gluiNO)
Stochastic Electrodynamics (time and quanta and GR) 1 2 3
Asymptotic Freedom
Quantum Gravity Oscillations


Mass for the Graviton 1
Space-Time Vacuum (specific theories?  which?)
Twistors ala Penrose 1 2
Superstring/Brane stuff (More specific?)
Non-commutative Geometry [Alain Connes] 1 2
Loop Quantum Gravity 1 2
Links between Loop Quantum Gravity and String Theory 1
Spin Networks 1
Holographic Principle  1 2 
Emergent Gravity (verlinde) 1
Qubits in Space 1
Consistent Histories and Relativity (Topos) (Christopher Isham) 1 2 3 4

Materials Physics

Bose-Einstein Condensation of Quasi-Particles
Massless Dirac Fermions (on the verge of exciton condensation)
Excitons in general.
Metamaterials (too broad)
Spin States in Quantum Fluid Analogy (analogy to what?)
Sonoluminescence and Sonofusion
Fusion Power
Thermionic Energy Harvesting


Buesard-Poliwell Reactor (wuzzis?)

From Podomatic Comment:  Paul Corkum did a lecture entitled " a molecule takes a selfie". This was a lecture discussing his work with attosecond lasers. I'm not sure if you're familiar with this topic. It was fascinating in many respects. One being a new way of creating quantum computers. He only touched on that possibility during the lecture. 

People to Investigate:
Raphael Sorkin



[Last Updated 7/24/2019]

Posted Shows



    Dvali Gabadaze Whitman (2003)
    Dvali Hoffmann Khoury (2007)
    Arkani-Hamed Dimopoulos Dvali Gabadaze (2002)

    gravitational theories with 3rd time derivatives and higher produce ghosts.

    Woodard (2015)


    de Rham (2011)
    we Rham (2012)

    Joyce Jain Khoury Trodden (2015)

  5. HALOS

    Self-gravitating collapsed structures.
    Nonlinear large scale structure.

    Cooray & Sheth (2002)

  6. Gravitational back reaction.

    Rocky Kolb
    Sabino Matarrese
    Sysky Rasanen

  7. From Reddit:

    nonlinear optics, in regards to photon coloring and polarity ,manipulating and using that in quantum information. I will def. go through some articles once I'll have some time at uni.

    also another interesting subject is wake-field in plasma using lasers as plasma initiator , it will obv. have some implications in the near -future in regards to smaller particle accelerators, possibly giving us higher energies at smaller distances.

  8. PQR Theory: The concept that the Universe is deterministically governed by the structure of the natural numbers, that spacetime is granular, and that there is a universal equation whose solutions correspond with the particles of matter/energy in our Universe.