Sunday, September 17, 2017

Physics Frontiers Index

Posted Shows:

1. G4V: The Gravitational 4-Vector Formulation of Gravity  [video]
2. The de Broglie-Bohm Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics  [video]
3. Graviteoelectromagnetism
4. Phononics
5. Pilot Wave Hydrodynamics
6. General Relativity for the Experimentalist
7. Virtual Gravitational Dipoles
8. Vacuum Fluctuations and the Casimir Effect
9. f(R) Theories of Gravity
10. Requirements for Gravitational Theories
11. Photonic Molecules and Optical Circuits
12. A Gravitational Arrow of Time
13. Exotic Photon Trajectories in Quantum Mechanics
14. Stochastic Electrodynamics
15. Five Proven Methods of Levitation
16. Stochastic Resonance Energy Harvesting
17. The Physics of Time Travel
18. The 2T Physics of Itzhak Bars
19. Exoplanets. [Lost track]
20. Time Crystals
21. The Origin of Inertia
22. Weyl Quasiparticles
23. Dark Energy

24. The Island of Stability

Coming Soon (in editing):
25. Gravitational Field Propulsion (space-time swimming)

Upcoming Shows (recorded and unedited):

26. Antimatter Production at a Potential Boundary
27. Equivalence Principles
28. Casimir Effect: Vacuum Fluctuations vs. van der Waals Forces
29. Modified Gravity vs. Dark Energy I - (recorded 10/15)
30. Consistent Histories Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics 1 2
31. The Parameterized Post-Newtonian Framework
32. Tunneling Time
33. The Positive Energy Theorem

Next Recording:
34. Retrocausality

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